Our new Camel Sabah leather is produced using a vegetable tanning process by a small tannery from Izmir, Turkey. Note: vegetable tanning refers to the use of natural materials, derived from vegetables, to process the hides into leather. It is an ancient process, considered the most sustainable way to make leather and results in an unequivocally beautiful product, which ages wonderfully. Less than 10% of the world's leather is vegetable tanned.

Not only is this leather entirely vegetable tanned, but it's an aniline leather, which means there is no pigmentation, paint or dye used on the top coat - the natural dyes only sit within the leather itself.

Aniline leathers are, as a result, not only considered more beautiful and natural, with warmer tones, but also age in a very special way. I've been wearing a pair, everyday for the last sixty days to seven cities across three continents. See the final photos in our slide show to see how my pair has aged. 

I think these are the ultimate Sabah -- for everyday, for everyone, and for everywhere.

NOTE: You may see subtle imperfections, marks or "character" on the leather of your new camel Sabahs -- this is okay, and to be expected with aniline leathers. These natural imperfections will blend into the Sabah beautifully with wear, and as you condition them over time.

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In Stock | £185
In Stock | £185